Warning: Stop. Read all instructions and warnings prior to servicing. Refer to important safety instructions. Warning: Failure to follow the instructions in this manual may cause serious injury or death from electrical shock.



  • zDryer's exterior cover should be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt from the surface.
  • DO NOT use solvents or chemicals to clean it as they may damage zDryer's cover permanently.



Warning: Do not use water to clean the inside.
  • zDryer should be cleaned inside at least every 6 months. For more dusty areas, more frequent cleanings are required.
  • Cleaning inside of zDryer should be done by qualified service personnel.


To clean:

  1. Disconnect all power sources. DO NOT attempt to service zDryer while the power is on.
  2. Carefully remove the Cover using the Security Hex Key Tool that was originally supplied. Turn the Hex Screws counter-clockwise to loosen.
  3. Using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner, clean out any dust that has built up around the Air Intake and Outer Grill.
  1. Remove the Filter and clean it as well.
  2. When finished, reattach zDryer's Cover and secure it with the 2 Hex Screws using the Security Hex Key Tool. Turn the Hex Screws clockwise to tighten.
  3. Test the hand dryer (Refer to the "HOW TO USE" section of this manual)