Installation Instructions

Warning: Read all instructions before installing. When choosing to hardwire, this unit must be installed by a qualified licensed electrician.



  1. Carefully remove zDryer from its packaging.
  2. Inspect zDryer carefully for any loose or missing parts or any damage that may have occurred during shipping.
  3. If any visible damage is seen DO NOT continue with installation.

In the box

  • zDryer (In assembly: Cover, Wall Plate with motor, 2 Hex Screws, 5 ft. electrical inlet).

  • Security Hex Key Tool.

  • 4 Screws 1 ¼"; 4 Screws 1 ⅛".

  • Manual.



Warning: Do not attempt to install zdryer while the power is on.


  1. Disconnect all power sources.
  2. Carefully remove the Cover using the Security Hex Key Tool that is supplied. Turn the Hex Screws counter clockwise to loosen.


    Do not discard Security Hex Key Tool. Store for future maintenance where EJ cover removal will be required.

  3. Determine the appropriate installation location based on the following:
Security Hex key tool
  • Dryer must be installed on a smooth and flat surface.
  • The minimum mounting distance from the bottom of the dryer to a reflective surface is 16" (41cm).
  • View the recommended mounting heights listed below.
  • Mount at least 25" (64cm) away from a sink.
  • Mount at least 15" (38cm) between multiple units.
  • GFIC protection may be required in a wet environment or an area containing a high level of condensation. Consult your local electrician for details and instruction.
Recommended mounting heights
  1. Hold up the dryer's Wall Plate to the wall at the selected installation location. Using the Wall Plate as a template, mark 4 mounting screw hole points (using a pencil or marker) out of the available 8 holes (use all 8 holes if necessary). Remove the Wall Plate. Using the appropriate tools, pre-drill the holes that you have marked using the following table as a guide:
Wall typeScrewQuantity
Wood 1 ⅛" 4-8
Concrete 1 ¼" 4-8
Brick 1 ¼" 4-8


Warning: Test for electrical inactivity prior to connecting. Power must be turned off.


  1. Determine Installation Type:

Connect zDryer to the power source using the designated holes as pictured below. Use a #12 AWG wire with 20 Amps (recommended) circuit breaker. Connect 110/120 V (50Hz / 60Hz). Make sure that zDryer is properly connected to a ground wire.

Installation instructions scheme 1

For plug-in installation, it is recommended that zDryer be plugged into a 120 volt, 20 amp receptacle on a dedicated circuit.

Installation instructions scheme 2


  1. Fasten the Wall Plate to the wall using the designated pre-drilled holes.
  1. Reattach zDryer's Cover and secure it with the 2 Hex Screws using the Security Hex Key Tool. Turn the Hex Screws clockwise to tighten.
Securuty Hex Key tool
Securuty Hex Key tool
Securuty Hex Key tool


After the cover is secured, the power may be turned back on. Begin testing.