FEATURES of zDryer®


  is a state-of-the-art, fully automatic, electric hand dryer that
 operates with a touch-less sensor when activate by positioning
hands below the nozzle. It also good and saves a lot of money.


Energy Efficient

It's not enough just to say it saves you money. zDryer hand dryer will well-exceed your expectation of energy efficient. It's a new, hybrid, low-consumption hand dryer with only a 1586-watt electrical system and 8 to 12 seconds drying time.

The new internal design allows a smaller heating leaves operational cost low - all without compromising performance!


Internal Innovation

With the newly innovated internal structure, the sensor and heating element are placed right at the nozzle, providing warmth right away - without negatively affecting the motors temperature as in other electric hand dryers. This not only saves energy, but means an even longer motor life and safety from electrical fires.


Touch free


This fully-automatic, electric, warm-air hand dryer operates with a touch-less sensor when activated by positioning hands below the nozzle, It turns on when hands are present and shuts off a second after they are gone. People's need for sanitary equipment and clean environments is never so needed as now, and there is no need to keep the hand dryer running at your expense long after there is no one there.


Super fast

zDryer took the next step up from the standard electric hand dryers, and designed the motor housing to be made from one piece - specifically structured to prevent air loss and speed. As more cracks are eliminated, less air can escape through the system itself, which keeps the pressure strong and noise level much lower than other standard hand dryers.


Hardwire or Plug-in Ready

zDryer is smaller in size than standard hand dryers, and has the added feature of hardwire or plug-in ready use, even for the unlikeliest of spaces. No need to worry about special wiring as its low-consumption vviD fit most standard outlets.


Stainless Steel

This isn't your average metal or aluminum cover. This is a beautiful, 16-gauge stainless steel appliance with 18/10 chromium nickel, lasting a lifetime with no rust. Finally, where quality and beauty meet. This is an appliance you never thought would look so good. Now offered in three different finishes, so there is no excuse for not buying zDryer - because zDryer will match any of your designs.



Lasting a lifetime with on rust.



A neat feature that most other hand dryers don't include, is that the opening is shielded and out of reach for the safety of children and even adults. There is no need to worry about anyone being able to stick their fingers in the socket.

And the safety of the machine's operation is also at its best. The motor does not heat up from the heating element, thus meaning an even longer motor life and safety from electrical fires.


Effortlessly Efficient


With the organized internal system, the hand dryer is much more powerful and still economical. And it's not just about being green, it's also about saving you thousands of dollars in restroom management. Compare the saving to find out how much it can benefit you.