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We didn't just think about helping you save on your electric bill, we also thought about the need to be more efficient in drying time and comfort. The innovated internal structure of each dryer is well developed for instant warmth and speed. Read what others are saying about us.

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zDryer is now available in three different finishes, with more on the way! The unique body design does not compare to other hand dryers. The look, shape, and size suits any design and compliments any bathroom, offering value in savings and price for a high-end product.




Imagine the ease of installation with two wiring options. This hand dryer is hardwire or plug-in ready. It's not big or bulky, and that makes it extremely easy to fit into small spaces. And this isn't your average metal or aluminum cover – zDryer is a beautiful, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel appliance that you never thought could look so good.

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